I'm a youngish well-educated sort who enjoys tea, books, playing dress-ups and filling my life and house with pretty things. I still haven't gotten over the fact that I wasn't a child prodigy. I was a teenage punk, my spirit animal is Meat Loaf and when I grow up, I want to marry a lord and write romance novels. Lynda Day is my hero.

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  1. e-n-o:

    Strawberry Switchblade - Nothing Changes (Peel Session April 1985)

    My all time favorite Strawberry Switchblade song.

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  2. The Abandoned Village of Hampton Gay by flash of light on Flickr.
  3. ameadowlark:

Blarney Castle, Ireland


    Blarney Castle, Ireland

  4. untitled by nicole tierney. on Flickr.
  5. Trees by Joerg Marx on Flickr.

    Trees by Joerg Marx on Flickr.

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  8. untitled by Colette Saint Yves on Flickr.
  9. city by polinabrz on Flickr.

    city by polinabrz on Flickr.

  10. wednesdaydreams:

    Countdown to Halloween Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979)

    Nosferatu, the undead. He drinks the blood of this victims and turns them into phantoms of the night. Like a shadow, he has no reflection. He goes through walls and closed doors. Like a bat, he wafts into dark bedrooms. Masquerading as a black wolf, he hunts his fleeing victims. Abandon all hope, all who cross his path.

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  11. gravesandghouls:

Witches Sabbat french postcard c. 1910s
Imperial Theme by Kotoro